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Tesla Android

Compute Module 4 Bundle

Compute Module 4 Bundle

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Experience Ultimate Integration with the Compute Module 4 Bundle

Why Choose the Compute Module 4 Bundle?

Elevate your Tesla Android experience to unparalleled heights. Whether you desire flawless connectivity, enhanced integration, or the freedom to customize, this bundle has been meticulously crafted for Tesla enthusiasts like you.

Quick Start: No complex assembly. The bundle arrives preassembled, primed to amplify your Tesla experience right out of the box. With every accessory, from the LTE modem to the CarPlay module, expertly fitted within, it's as easy as plug and play.

What's Inside the Box?

Compute Module 4: A powerhouse featuring 4GB RAM, Wi-Fi. Coupled with a 256GB NVME drive

Carrier Board:
- NVME/PCI-E slot
- Comprehensive connectivity with two USB 2.0, HDMI, and ethernet ports.
- Internally connected peripherals for a clutter-free setup.

Extension Board for LTE/CarPlay:
- Smooth integration with the main carrier board via a ribbon cable.
- Dual USB 2.0 ports discreetly positioned for modem/CarPlay module.

Precision-Engineered Housing:
- Compact and meticulously designed to house all components securely.
- Superior ventilation design to prevent thermal issues.

Efficient Cooler:
- Ensures optimal performance by regulating the Compute Module 4's temperature.
- Smart fan control activated by CPU temperature thresholds.

External Wi-Fi Antenna:
- Ensures robust and consistent Wi-Fi connectivity.
- A must-have for Legacy Model S/X or MCU 2 3/Y users.

Exclusive Gift:
- Be among the first to experience our new native Wireless Android Auto, launching later this year. No third party apps required

Essential Extras:
- From spare screws and spacers to a handy screwdriver, we've got you covered.

Customize Your Experience:
- LTE Modem Options: Catered to your location. Choose from Europe (Global) or US versions. Each modem is enhanced with two dedicated external antennas for superior reception. (Note: Antennas currently exclusive to the bundle.)
- CarPlay Adapter: Seamlessly integrate your Apple ecosystem into your Tesla environment.

    Shipping timeline:

    The devices are in stock. When you place an order the most current version of the system will be flashed. You should expect it to ship in up to 48h.

    Standard consumer rights apply, the hardware is covered by warranty.

    About the device itself:

    Every bundle is Made in Poland. The housings are made of ABS-Like Resin Material that is cured with UV and manually processed. This technique gives the final elements a smooth surface without any layer marks that are present on traditional 3D printed parts.

    We do our best to ensure high quality, but we won't throw away a fully functional element just because it has a small air bubble inside where you won't see it. Injection molding will replace SLA Resin at some point, it depends on the demand.


    We will provide upgrade bundles and spare parts when new revisions show up. Everything is held together with standard Philips screws, there are spare ones available in each box. A small screwdriver is also present.

    Other single board computers that use the Compute Module 4 form factor can be used on the carrier board used in the bundle, new features like HDMI capture can be retrofitted once they become available.

    Important information for people living in the EU

    Prices do not include VAT for European orders, it will be added on checkout. If you order as a company you'll get a 0% invoice and VAT will be refunded after checking VIES.

    Note on warranty:

    The Tesla Android software is open source and is provided with the bundle free of charge. The warranty covers the hardware but we are happy to help with any potential issues that can be solved with an OTA update. Feel free to reach out to us on X/Slack/Reddit or at

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