Hardware requirements

Updated for version 2023.32.1

Note: MCU 1 (cars previous to March 2018 without an infotainment upgrade) are not supported, as the built-in browser is out of date and too slow.

Component Description
Raspberry Pi 4 Main device for running Android. 4GB of RAM recommended
Heatsink for Raspberry Pi 4 Argon Fan, ICE Tower CPU Cooling Fan or a PWM solution from Waveshare
Micro SD Card 64GB or larger


Component Description
Ethernet cable You can supply internet to your Tesla Android rig from another router
Open housing for Raspberry Pi 4 Makes cable management easy, allows all the hardware to fit into the center console
CarlinKit CPC200-Autokit, CPC200-CCPA If you intend to use CarPlay
Huawei E3372(global, avoid the -325 “Brovi” variant), ZTE MF833, Alcatel IK41VE1(Europe), Alcatel IK41UC(North America) Optional LTE modem, can be replaced with a different model that works on Raspbian out of the box. The modem is required if you plan on using Premium Connectivity features like online routing alongside Tesla Android.

Looking for a plug and play solution?

Not everyone wants to build their own Tesla Android rig and deal with a cable spaghetti in their center console.

We offer a hardware bundle based on the Compute Module 4 that combines all the components in a sleek enclosure. It also contains an external Wi-Fi antenna and PCI-E expansion.

Our bundles are preloaded with the latest version of Tesla Android, ready to install in your car right after delivery.