Tesla Android Project is mostly funded by the community. Constant updates and the development of the Compute Module 4 hardware bundle wouldn't be possible without your support. Thank you!

Currently donations are only accepted via buymeacoffee or PayPal. If you want to support the project in a different way reach out to me on X/Twitter @mikegapinski or @TeslaAndroid

Buy Me A Coffee

You can also support Tesla Android by using this referral code when purchasing something from Tesla: Link

Looking for a plug and play solution?

Not everyone wants to build their own Tesla Android rig and deal with a cable spaghetti in their center console.

We offer a hardware bundle based on the Compute Module 4 that combines all the components in a sleek enclosure. It also contains an external Wi-Fi antenna and PCI-E expansion.

Our bundles are preloaded with the latest version of Tesla Android, ready to install in your car right after delivery.