Inserting a SIM Card and configuring the LTE Modem

The LTE modem is located inside the bundle, you'll need to open the enclosure to access the SIM slot.

Accessing the LTE Modem

1. Remove the single screw on the top of the device.

2. Slide the inner housing out.

3. The LTE modem is located on the bottom of the case. It is a white (US) or black (EU) USB stick with two antenna connectors.

4. Remove the plastic cover to access the SIM slot.

5. Insert your card and assemble the device. If the inserted SIM card does not have a PIN it should just work. If not you can access the modem configuration page. Connect to the Tesla Android Wi-Fi network on any normal device (not the car) and navigate to The web panel has diagnostics, advanced settings (APN, PIN, TTL etc), the language selector is in the upper right corner

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