Common issues

Every bundle is tested before shipping but we are only human and something can always go wrong. Tesla Android comes with diagnostics for two most common hardware issues: CarPlay and LTE module detection.

Diagnosing your bundle

1. Open the Tesla Android app in your Tesla by navigating to in the browser and tap the Settings icon in the corner.

2. Select the Settings tab on the bottom navigation bar

3. Select the Device section on the sidebar
4. Check if both CarPlay Module and the LTE modem are detected (insert a SIM card first). If something is wrong you can check the USB connections inside your device.

Checking the USB modules
1. Remove the single screw on the top of the device.

2. Slide the inner housing out.

3. The LTE modem is located on the bottom of the case. It is a white (US) or black (EU) USB stick with two antenna connectors. The CarPlay module is connected right next to it. Reconnect the device that is not detected and diagnose the device using the app once again. If something is wrong contact us using the form below, we can offer a replacement part or replace the entire device.

Low performance or instability

If you are having stability or performance issues they are mostly likely caused by a weak power source. If you use the USB-C ports in your center console and your car is equipped with the AMD processor you might need to use a 12V power adapter with Power Delivery. Tesla used different power modules for the ports and some users reported issues with their new vehicles. We tested a 2023 Model Y from Giga Berlin and it was OK, it is pretty safe to assume that anything that is being produced now should not be affected

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